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Changes to City Licensing for Contractors

March 14, 2023

Effective immediately, the City will no longer renew or accept new applications for City licensing. Effective July 1, 2023, contractors must be licensed with the state to apply for certain permit types.

House Bill 735, The Pre-emption of Local Occupational Licensing, eliminates local government licensing for construction trades. Certain trades do not require a state license to apply for a permit. Please review the below information to determine how this change affects your trade and licensing requirements.
Licensing Crosswalk UPDATED

Contractors must have a City EnerGov Customer Self-Service account to apply for a trade permit to include Asphalt Coating and Sealing, Canvas Awnings, Concrete, Fence Erection, Insulation, Paver Block, Paving, Signs, etc. and must use the EnerGov Customer Self-Service (CSS) portal to apply for all permits.

  • Contractors who already have a state license or certification for their specific trade(s) only need to verify their state license is up to date for their registration. This may be done by logging into the CSS portal. EnerGov will verify the state license status at the time of permit application.
  • Contractors whose trade no longer requires a license and have a City EnerGov CSS account do not need to take any action.
  • Contractors who previously had a City specialty contractor license are now required to have a state license if their specific trade requires a state specialty or contractor’s license. Please review the chart above to ensure you have the appropriate license for your trade.

The City will no longer require or validate contractor insurance, worker’s compensation, or any previous City license requirement. Only the state license or certification will be verified, which will occur each time a permit application is made.

If you are uncertain whether your trade requires a license, review Licensing / Certification Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions or concerns regarding your license or certification, please email or call (239) 574-0430.