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Cape Coral's 2021 Drinking Water Quality Report Available

June 30, 2023

The City of Cape Coral's drinking water met or surpassed all federal and state standards for 2022.

This annual consumer confidence report, the City of Cape Coral 2022 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is required by the Safe Drinking Water Act and it tells you where your water comes from, how it is processed, and what our tests show about it. It also contains information on testing results for potentially harmful contaminants in your tap water. 

The City of Cape Coral is proud to once again have high-quality, award-winning tap water that meets state and federal standards for both appearance and safety. Thanks to our residents' conservation efforts, Cape Coral Utilities is among the leaders in per-capita drinking water usage, with some of the lowest usage numbers in the state.

The Utilities Department is committed to providing residents with a safe and reliable supply of high-quality drinking water by processing and testing our water using sophisticated equipment and advanced procedures.

The City of Cape Coral's 2022 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report can be found at

2022 Water Quality Report 6.22.2023