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Michael Ilczyszyn, Interim Public Works Director

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For General Inquiries or Repair Requests, Please Dial 3-1-1 Call Center or (239) 574-0425
Interim Public Works Director - Michael Ilczyszyn
Phone: (239) 574-0701 ~ Email:
Public Works Department Physical Location - 815 Nicholas Pkwy E. 

Serve the citizens as a proactive skilled team using the best available methods to plan, design, construct, and maintain the City's stormwater and transportation facilities.

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Environmental Resources Division Manager
Maya Robert, Ph.D.
Manages the City of Cape Coral’s wealth of natural resources. Division is involved in canal water quality monitoring. In addition, they monitor the terrestrial and aquatic environments; provides environmental guidance for sustainable and responsible development through cooperative education, habitat enhancement, and other interdependent people/nature processes. This division is also responsible for the Nile Monitor Lizard control program.

Facilities Management Division Manager 
Mark Ridenour
mridenou@capecoral.govProvides project management support for all City departments relating to planning, budgeting, designing, cost bidding and construction of new facilities along with management of numerous remodels, upgrades, or improvement projects for City Facilities. 

Also responsible for the maintenance, repairs, and proper operation of over 350 City facilities. Staff handles all air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, access security, roofing, structural and cosmetic needs.

Fleet Management Division Manager 
AJ Forbes

Offers effective delivery of City fleet services by providing customer agencies with safe, reliable economically, and envi­ronmentally sound transportation. Fleet manages the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of all vehicles and equipment. The division pro­vides fuel management services, as well as, monitoring and addressing safety and vehicle recalls. Fleet Divisions' support services are responsive to the needs of the customer departments, conserve vehicle value, and equipment investment.

Maintenance Division Manager 
Gary Gasperini, P.E.  (Stormwater)

Responsible for stormwater management maintenance to include catch basis repair, drainpipe replacement and cleaning, pipe repair and lining, canal dredging and obstruction removal, swale regrading, ditch mowing and street sweeping.

Transportation Division Manager 
Persides Zambrano, AICP

Provides supervision and direction to support the long­ range planning efforts and the issuance of per­mits within the Public Works Department. Division also oversees the Geographic Information System (GIS).
Manages Traffic Engineering to evaluate safety and mitigate congestion on the City’s roadway network. Division responsible for traffic studies, evaluations and changes to traffic control including signals, signage and striping. Oversees Traffic Operations to ensure all traffic signage and striping are in place and in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Oversees Streets Operations for sidewalk construction and ongoing maintenance of all paved roads, bridges, sidewalks, road shoulders and medians. Prepares the necessary plans and specifications for Transportation and Drainage Capital Projects and implements the construction of the improvements. The Capital projects are identified by the Planning and Permitting Divi­sion, as well as other divisions, and using the information obtained by Survey and in coordi­nation with the Environmental Resources Divi­sion, prepares  the  necessary construction plans.  Project Management and Inspection Services are provided during the construction of the improvements whether by maintenance staff or outside contractors.

 For General Inquiries or repair requests, please contact 311 Call Center or 574-0425.