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In March 2009, the City of Cape Coral enacted Ordinance No. 139-08 regulating the maintenance of abandoned/vacant foreclosed properties within the city limits of Cape Coral, Florida.

The City of Cape Coral and the Code Compliance Division would like to work as partners with the mortgagees on vacant properties to avoid declining property values in our neighborhoods. Please read the Foreclosure Property Maintenance document below and complete the Registration Form.  The cooperation between the City and these companies can provide tremendous help to these neighborhoods during these difficult economic times.

This ordinance can also be viewed in its entirety by going to CHAPTER 12, Article IX: ABANDONED PROPERTY.  Special attention should be given to Sections 12-96 Registration of Abandoned Real Property12-97 Maintenance requirements, and  12-98 Security Requirements for Registered Properties.  The Ordinance requires A MORTGAGEE to register and maintain any property upon which THE MORTGAGEE has initiated the foreclosure process upon and which is vacant, with the Code Compliance Division. 

 As of June 8, 2009, an annual registration fee shall accompany the registration form(s) in the following amounts:

  • If title to the property is in the name of the defaulting mortgagor at the time registration is required then the fee shall be in the amount of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00), per property.
  • If title to the property is in the name of a person or entity other than the defaulting mortgagor at the time registration is required and the property is then currently listed for sale with a Florida registered real estate brokerage firm or Florida licensed real estate agent then the fee shall be waived although registration shall still be required.
  • In all other cases, the fee shall be in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00), per property.

This registration also requires A MORTGAGEE to provide the following information:

  • Owner or Agents phone number and mailing address within the State (If a PO Box is a mailing address it must be accompanied by a physical address)
  • Certify that the property has been inspected
  • Designate and retain an individual or property management company responsible for the security and maintenance of the property.  This designation must state the individual or company name, phone number, and local address (PO Box is not acceptable)
All violations of sections 12-91 thru 12-100 may be subject to the maximum penalty of $1000.00 per day for the first offense.  Subsequent violations may be subjected to penalties of double or triple the first offense.

If you have any questions, please contact our Code Compliance Division at (239) 574-0613 or email , Carol Rall, at 

Abandoned and Vacant Property Registration Form