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Flood Protection

50% rule questions?  Click here for the FEMA checklist pertaining to determining the 50% rule

HURRICANE DAMAGE? Click here for federal and state mitigation program information

View Brochure: "What you need to know about Flood Hazards"

--> Click Here if you have Substantial or Repetitive Flood Damage

--> Click Here to view the 2021-2022 Community Rating System (CRS) Annual Report

Elevation Data

Citizens can now check flood zone information and obtain a copy of their elevation certificate online.  This information is important to know in case of severe weather or a hurricane. 

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FEMA FLOOD INSURANCE RATE CHANGES: What you need to know about FEMA's Risk Rating 2.0 starting 10/01/2021
Risk Rating 2.0 Equity in Action 
Florida Risk Rating 2.0

FEMA Flood Map Revisions

FLOOD MAPS HAVE CHANGED: What you should know.

It is important for all citizens and business owners to understand the potential risks of flooding from severe weather or a hurricane. The federal government has issued new flood hazard maps for Lee County, which are based on updated engineering studies. Please familiarize yourself with the new maps and actions you can take to minimize health and property risks associated with flooding...

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Flood Protection Includes Planning and Insurance

After fires, floods are the most common and widespread of all natural disasters. News reports from flooded areas often include descriptions of people in areas of imminent flooding trying to protect their property with sandbags ...

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Cape Coral's Flooding Threat

Flooding in Cape Coral can occur from two causes, heavy rain and storm surge. Torrential rain is often associated with severe weather such as tropical storms or hurricanes. Aside from localized street flooding, the Cape’s stormwater infrastructure has proven to perform well relative to preventing flood losses to homes and businesses during torrential rainstorms ...

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What You Can Do

Several of the City’s efforts to prevent flooding depends on your cooperation and assistance. This is how you can help ...   

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