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Customer Service

Customer Billing Service (CBS) representatives are available to answer questions about bills and assist customers with problems pertaining to utility services (water, sewer, and irrigation), assessments, Contribution in Aid of Construction fees, lot mowing, stormwater, and capital expansion fees, and hardship and grant assistance programs.

Utility Rates, Fees, and Other Charges

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Irrigation Connection
The City requires a completed application by the legal owner or property manager in order to hook up to the irrigation service. You will also need to complete and return an affidavit with your irrigation application. If the home site already has an existing irrigation system, applications and affidavits can be obtained at the Customer Billing Services Division or you can call 239-574-7722. For your convenience, you can mail or fax the application.

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If a new irrigation system is being installed, contact the Department of Community Development at 239-574-0546, option 6, to apply for a permit.

New Construction/Utility Extension Connections
Customer Service initiates permitting water, sewer, irrigation, and well installations for new construction and new service hookup. Contribution In Aid of Construction and Capital Expansion Fees are paid at the Customer Billing Services Division.

If you prefer to pay these fees in installments, our New Construction Customer Service Representative can explain the payment plans available:  239-242-3853.

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Hurricane Leak Repair Adjustment Option
In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, many customers had water leaks as a result of hurricane damage.  In the interest of providing a level of relief to customers who had plumbing damaged during the hurricane, the City will provide adjustment credit to customers’ water bills when involuntary use caused by damage from the hurricane has been repaired.    

Below are the criteria required to receive such a “Hurricane Leak Repair Adjustment:”

  1. Hurricane damage-related water consumption is at least 100% higher than the previous average.
  2. Such an adjustment may only be applied once per account.             
  3. High consumption occurs between 9/28/22 – 10/28/22.     
  4. Customer must pay the previous average bill amount for the high consumption billing period, and each current bill thereafter while awaiting an adjustment.                           
  5. Customer completes a “Request For Adjustment” form, clearly indicating the basis for the involuntary use was damage caused by the hurricane, and the damage has been repaired.
  6. Documentation of the repair may include a plumber’s receipt, written statement, or other information sufficiently detailing repairs completed.                              
  7. The adjustment shall be calculated by taking the high consumption event (H), subtracting the previous average (A), and providing a credit (C) for 100% of the difference (at the applicable tiered rates).   H – A = C

Customer Service Contact Information:
Phone: 239-574-7722, option 3, then option 5
Fax: 239-242-3898

After-Hours Emergency Number (Main Breaks):