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Audits Reports and Reviews (City Auditor's Office)
    Audit Plan

Brechner Report (Monthly newsletter on open records/meetings -- published by University of Florida's Brechner Center)  

Building Permit Reports

Business Assistance Guide

Citizen Survey

City Council Candidates Reports (Only available during City Council election years.)

City Council Statements of Financial Interest

Corporate Guide

Drinking Water Quality (Consumer Confidence Report)

Financial Documents
   City Budget Page    Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Fire Service Assessment Fee Report

Neighborhood Stabilization Amendment   New!
CDBG/SHIP Information Page

Stormwater Master Plan 1993
Water, Wastewater, Irrigation Reports
2008 Water Rate Study (Burton & Associates)
2009 Water Rate Study (Burton & Associates)
  Water Rates Presentation to Council (March 2009)
  Water & Sewer Rates Council Workshop  (April 27, 2009)

Additional Scenario w/SW 6/7 (Burton & Associates)
2011 Water Rate Study (Burton & Associates)

2006 Impact Fee Study (Water, Wastewater, Irrigation)
2008 Impact Fee Study (Water, Wastewater, Irrigation)

Zucker Report on Planning/Permitting Process