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Development Services

- Matt Grambow, Interim Development Services Director

Contact Info:
Development Services Department - City Hall - 1015 Cultural Park Blvd. Cape Coral

The Development Services Department is responsible for promoting the orderly growth and environment of the city through the planning and enforcement of codes. These codes are adopted to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and visitors of the City.

The mission of the Development Services Department is to provide services and programs that enhance community value. Our employees are professional and courteous and strive to enhance our residents' and visitors' quality of life. We serve today's development demands while planning for tomorrow's community needs.

The department is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Code Compliance Division – Responsible for enforcing codes for residential and commercial properties, as well as occupational license ordinance violations.
  • Building Division – Responsible for plan reviews, inspections, and certificates of occupancy for all building construction in the City.
  • City Planning Division – Responsible for current planning and development review, long-range planning, environmental, Federal, and State grant management, Geographic Information System, FEMA and CRS programs, and special projects. Click the following link to access our Land Development Code.
  • Land Development Division - Responsible for plan review, permitting, inspections, and certificates of completion for all commercial and residential land development projects and subdivision plats. 

Contact Information:
Development Services Department - City Hall -1015 Cultural Park Blvd.

Development Services Interim Director - Matthew Grambow
Phone: (239) 574-0566 ~ Email: 

Development Services Interim Deputy Director - Bogdan Cyrnek
Phone: (239) 574-0563 ~ Email: 

For more information, visit the Development Services Divisions located on the left navigation panel on this page or see contact information in the chart below.

Additional Information  (239)  Phone Email Address or Link
Code Compliance 574-0613
Garage Sale Permits 574-0613
Licensing and Business Tax Receipts 574-0430
Permitting 574-0546 Refer to EnerGov CSS
Commercial/Residential Permit Tracking 573-3172 Refer to EnerGov CSS
Automated Inspection Number 855-636-2824  
Certificate of Occupancy 574-0606
Building Plan Review Information 826-5208 Refer to FBC
City Planning, Zoning, Sign Permits, Certificates of Zoning Compliance, Housing, and FEMA 574-0553
Land Development 573-3167
Site Development Plan Review 573-3194
Fire Department Inspections and Reviews 242-3264
Public Works Surface Water Management Reviews 574-0586