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EnerGov Citizen Self-Service (CSS)

The EnerGov Citizen Self-Service, or CSS, Portal is a software system the City launched in February 2022 to enable our City government to be more efficient, accessible, and responsive, meeting citizens' needs in our growing City. 

Citizens can access the CSS portal to submit and track information related to permits, plans, inspections, business and professional licenses, code cases, and public information requests. Application and permit status, inspection requests and outcomes, fee payments, and other information are available in the portal.  Digital applications of all types can be submitted, eliminating the need for customers to submit paper applications and plan sets.

--> To search EnerGov records, including business licenses, please access the Customer Self-Service Portal

Applying for Permits:
1.  To learn what you need, review the Types of Permits.  
2.  Building Permits must be submitted through the Customer Self-Service Portal.

Need Help Getting Started with EnerGov? 

--> Watch this helpful video:

--> See Frequently Asked Questions about EnerGov

--> View the EnerGov User Manual

Prefer to come in person?  Join the virtual line with QLess:

must come in person to City Hall to apply for your permit.  Join the virtual line with QLess:

Have a question?  Call our helpline at 239-242-3838.  Agents are available from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  

For general permitting inquiries, please call (239) 574-0546 or contact us via email at

User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions