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City Manager

City Manager

City Manager's Office

The Office of the City Manager is responsible for maintaining the management functions of the City government and administering the day-to-day operations of most facets of City government.  The office works closely with the City Council to establish long-term strategic plans, as well as short-term targets. These plans and targets guide the operation of the City government as it focuses on high-quality customer service and ongoing community growth and improvement.

The City Manager appoints the directors of 11 established departments: Capital Improvement Projects, City Clerk, Development Services, Financial Services, Fire Department, Human Resources, Information Technology, Parks & Recreation, Police, Public Works, and Utilities.  

Within the City Manager's Office resides two other key areas of responsibility:  The Office of Business & Economic Development and the Office of Communications.

The City of Cape Coral is a
"Life Well Run" Community
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