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Cape Coral Annual Report, Strategic Plan Available Online

December 22, 2022

The City Manager's Annual Report and the City of Cape Coral's Strategic Plan are available online.

City Manager's Annual Report

This annual report reflects the accomplishments of the City of Cape Coral in 2022. While the 2022 Fiscal Year had both its achievements and challenges, Cape Coral remains committed to its pursuit of excellence.

The information found in this report aims to meet the goals set in our strategic plan, Cape Compass. The accomplishments listed demonstrate Cape Coral's determination to remain fiscally responsible while simultaneously providing high levels of municipal services. 

For more information or to view the City Manager's Annual Report, please click here.

Cape Compass - Strategic Plan

An updated Strategic Plan has been developed with input from the community, City employees, and the Cape Coral City Council. This Plan sets the course for the City to achieve a specific set of priorities, goals, and objectives by 2030. 

The Strategic Plan focuses on growth in the following areas:

  • City Services and Amenities
  • Communication
  • Economy, Education, and Workforce
  • Fiscal Sustainability
  • Infrastructure
  • Environmental Sustainability

For more information or to view Cape Compass, please click here.