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LCEC and Cape Coral Working to Restore Power

September 30, 2022

LCEC and the City of Cape Coral officials have been working together since the storm passed to complete search and rescue efforts and damage assessment of the electric grid. This first stage of restoration is expected to continue
Saturday morning, October 1, and possibly throughout the day. Crews will begin the next phase of restoration once the assessment is complete.

The next phase of the restoration process will focus on major facilities that supply power to main circuits. This will help energize essential services and help customers begin to get their lives back to normal.

After that, crews will focus on restoration of the largest number of customers in one area. LCEC crews will be deployed to all parts of Cape Coral, and the six-county service territory. More than 1,000 resources are dedicated to restoration and additional resources are on the way.

The final stage of restoration is to repair smaller pockets and individual services.

What can customers do?

  1. Do not touch or drive over downed power lines.
  2. Operate generators safely according to manufacturer instructions.
  3. For your protection, turn off electricity at the main breaker box, only if you don't have to step in water or stand on a wet floor to do it. First, turn off your main breaker; then flip each circuit breaker to "off."
  4. Be patient. You may not see crews on your street but they are working in the area to restore power in the most efficient and safe manner possible.
  5. Do not call to report an outage. LCEC is aware you are out of power. Keep phone lines open for emergencies.

If you rely upon electric equipment for medical reasons and do not have a plan for back-up power, please reach out to friends or family members who have electricity or seek shelter at a County facility.