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Mayor's New Message August 5, 2018

Mayor Coviello 


Mayor’s Message


The Mayor’s Bi-Monthly Message publication updating the citizens of Cape Coral on current events and progress to make our City the best place to live, work, and play.
Water Quality
As we are all aware the City is at the epicenter of the blue-green algae crisis. While there are many questions, most unanswered, I have been reaching out to our local, state, and federal leaders seeking answers, and financial assistance. I have spoken with many vendors who have come forward with technology they believe will assist in cleaning up this nightmare. At this time Lee County has taken the lead in working with vendors and setting up test sites for the many different methods presented. I, along with the other Lee County Mayors, will be addressing the Board of County Commissioners to ensure that Cape Coral, and the other county municipalities, are included in the County’s plans for cleanup and financial assistance. Below is a list of those activities I’ve undertaken to find a solution to this blue-green algae crisis.
The following actions have been taken to resolve the blue-green algae crisis affecting the City of Cape Coral:
  • Round table discussion with Senator Bill Nelson for increased Federal involvement.  As your Mayor, I am working diligently to give Cape Coral a voice at the Federal level to resolve the algae blooms. 
  • Productive meeting with Senator Rubio’s office.  Members of his office accompanied me on a tour so they could see our waterways first hand.  Our efforts have supported appropriations for EPA Studies that will play a part in fostering clean waterways.
  • Conference call scheduled with Governor Scott’s office for State action regarding Lake Okeechobee releases.
  • Establishment and meetings with SWFL Coalition of Mayors asking Governor Scott to expand the Declared State of Emergency.  This will help provide relief to residents and businesses impacted by the water quality issues.
  • Discussion with the DOH on signage for Red Tide alert.
  • July 17th Letter from me inviting the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to Cape Coral. To view my letter click here. To view the response to my letter click here
  • DEP has verbally accepted an invitation from me to meet.
  • Attended Emergency County Board of Commissioners meeting and spoke on behalf of Cape Coral’s need for canal clean-up.  Canals have been identified and they are in a trial period to test cleanup processes.  Disposal method has been approved by DEP.
  • Ongoing dialog with County Commissioners Hamman and Kiker, as well as discussions with State Representative Eagle.
  • City staff has been directed to attend an Open Water Restoration presentation with a Bio Tech Company.  This company is working with city officials to provide a Free Trial in Cape Coral to rid canals of algae.
  • Met with numerous vendors touting solutions for cleanup including Nano2 technology, Ultra Sound, Skimmers, Suction devices and Conveyor belt retrieval method from the water.
  • I requested and received a waiver of fees for residents and visitors to use Cape Coral’s Community Pool for the next two weeks while there are “No Swimming” signs posted at the Yacht Club.