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2022 Ballot Referendums

The following three referendums will be included on the 2022 ballot in Cape Coral:

  • Filling of Vacancies of Mayor and Councilmembers - Ordinance 27-22
    • Overview: In the event that a special election is required to fill a Council vacancy, if there are three or more qualified candidates, a special primary election will be required. The special primary election would need to occur 90 days after and before 120 days from the vacancy date. 
  • Authentication, Codification, and Availability of City Records - Ordinance 28-22
    • Overview: This ordinance proposes allowing the City Clerk to authenticate and maintain ordinances and resolutions in codified form, making them accessible to the public quickly once they are adopted. 
  • Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax ExemptionOrdinance 31-22
    • Overview: This is an economic development incentive tool made available to cities through the Florida Constitution, that must be approved by the voters of the city. It grants tax exemptions to developers of specific projects, which will facilitate the growth and creation of business enterprises in Cape Coral. 

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