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Man Arrested for Casing Homes from Backyards

(November 16, 2023)--On Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at approximately 0745 hours, officers working for the Cape Coral Police Department responded to Pocatella Court, Cape Coral, Florida, for a suspicious person.

The initial caller stated a male was seen crouching down in bushes in their backyard. When approached, he fled the scene. The caller described the male as wearing a red/maroon colored shirt with olive-colored shorts. As the caller went to approach the male, he fled on foot through the front yards of the houses on Pocatella Court. 

Officers in the area were notified to be on the lookout for the male. The male suspect was later identified as Christopher Gonzalez (W/M, DOB 05/16/1992, 3757 Bell St., Fort Myers). 

An officer spotted the Gonzalez in a backyard of Pocatella Court. As Officers went to approach Gonzalez, he jumped over the fence of the residence and fled. Officers were also flagged down by neighbors outside who said they saw Gonzalez running. 

While searching the area, following the route taken by Gonzalez, an open door was located. The door opened into a storage room inside the dwelling. While searching the area, officers located a shirt that Gonzalez was initially seen wearing. 

Officers ultimately spotted Gonzalez in a backyard of a house on Pocatella Court. Gonzalez attempted to flee but was caught and detained by the officers.

Investigation revealed that Gonzalez was reported as trespassing on numerous properties in the area with suspicious intentions. 

Officers were able to identify Gonzalez from recent arrests. Gonzalez was arrested on 11/03/2023 for several counts of Burglary and grand Theft of a Vehicle. 

Gonzalez was placed under arrest and transported to the Lee County Jail. 

Christopher Gonzalez was charged with the following:

2 Counts of Trespassing a structure or conveyance, F.S.S. 810.08(1)

1 Count of Loitering and Prowling, F.S.S. 856.021

1 Count of Resisting an officer/obstructing without violence, F.S.S. 843.02

**Investigators have multiple other cases pending.  

Gonzalez booking sheet