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News Release: Aggravated Assault Arrest Made After Road Rage Incident

(August 10, 2023)- On August 9, 2023, at approximately 1033 hours, Cape Coral police officers responded to 1100-Block of Southeast 8th Terrace here in Cape Coral in reference to a possible disturbance with weapons. 

Call notes stated that the calling party had a handgun pointed at them by an unknown male. The calling party stated they had a recording of the incident.

Victims at the scene stated the unknown male was behind their vehicle at a stop sign. The driver of the that vehicle would later be identified as Craig Allen Dyer (W/M 07-09-1950)     Victims stated they honked their horn because Mr. Dyer did not use a turn signal. Victims stated they proceeded towards their residence and turned into the parking lot. While backing into a space, Mr. Dyer pulled up directly in front of the victim’s vehicle and they began to argue. Victims stated Mr. Dyer pulled out a firearm and pointed it at them. 

The incident was captured on the victim’s car surveillance footage. The video footage captured the license plate on the suspect’s vehicle. Officers located the suspect vehicle nearby safely took Mr. Dyer into custody without further incident. 

A handgun was located in Mr. Dyers vehicle used in the commission of the crime. 

Mr. Dyer was subsequently transported to Lee County Jail.

 Mr. Dyer was charged with the following:

*Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon F.S.S. 784.021(1)(a).

Dyer photo


ARRESTED: Craig Allen Dyer (W/M 07-09-1950,123 SE 19th Lane)