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Combine Efforts of Cape Coral Police & Fire Save the Life of Intoxicated Drowning Driver.

(March 27, 2023)- On March 25, 2023, at approximately 5:34 a.m., officers from the Cape Coral Police Department responded to a call for service at 900-Block of NE 12th Street, Cape Coral, Lee County, Florida, in reference to a car in a canal. 

The call notes stated the reporting party, later identified as Flabia Paredes-Lamas (W/F 10-20-1992, 1417 NE 9th Ave), said that she had just crashed into a canal, and the water inside the car was filling up quickly. Ms. Paredes-Lamas was unable to break open the window of her sinking vehicle. The call notes stated that Ms. Paredes- Lamas said she was on her last breath and then stopped answering 9-1-1 Dispatchers. Cape Coral Police Officer Justin Myers and Officer Tyler Fritz arrived on the scene after locating the vehicle face down and continuing to sink; these officers quickly jumped in, swam towards the vehicle, and attempted rescue efforts.

Cape Coral Fire Department's Firefighter Kyle Mann jumped in with an extraction tool to continue breaking the vehicle's rear window. Officers and Firefighter Mann extracted Ms. Paredes-Lamas, and she was subsequently transported to a local hospital for examination. Officer Myers also injured to his hands during the extraction process from the window and was treated for minor injuries.

The combined efforts of the Cape Coral Police Department and the Cape Coral Fire Department saved the life of Ms. Paredes- Lamas.

The investigation revealed that Paredes-Lamas, after drinking earlier in the night, drove her vehicle into the canal due to her level of intoxication.

Ms. Paredes-Lamas was transported to Lee County Jail.

Ms. Paredes-Lamas was charged with the following:

* DUI-Influence of Alcohol or Drugs F.S.S. 316.193(1)(a).


ARRESTED: Flabia Paredes Lamas (W/F 10-20-1992, 1417 NE 9th Ave)