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Fraud Alert

(March 6, 2023) -A nationwide scam has affected us here in Cape Coral. Cape Coral Police Department has received several cases over the last week in reference to scams involving unwitting Uber/Lyft drivers. Several residents received phone calls from scammers stating they were with a law enforcement agency or a law firm. 

These scammers will then say a family member has been arrested or was in an accident, and they need funds for lawyers or bail money. The victims are requested to go to their banks and withdraw thousands of dollars and place the funds in unique packaging to disguise it from delivery drivers. An unknowing ridesharing driver will show up and pick up this money/ package and deliver it to another location outside the city.

NO law enforcement agency or law firm would send drivers to pick up cash or packages from anyone. If you do get one of these phone calls and are not sure what to do, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the family member directly; if you cannot reach them, contact other family members to assist. If you cannot get anyone, wait until a family member calls you back.
  2. DO NOT put cash in envelopes or packages for anyone to pick up from your home: these alleged accidents or an arrest of family members are likely fictitious and are part of a scam. 
  3. If you are still trying to figure out what to do, please call the Cape Coral Police Department at 239-574-3223. These calls can also be reported by emailing us at

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