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Fitness at Home

In this section, you will find a variety of fitness activities to try at home alone or with your family.

Boot Camp Mamas Exercise 

Check out this 30 minute, full-body, workout from Boot Camp Mamas! It is perfect for everyone, with modifications provided!  Classes will be held at Four Freedoms Park starting in June (or when regular programming resumes).



"Seniorcise" Exercise Class
Hosted by Rotino Center Fitness Instructor, Linda Workman, follow along to this "Seniorcise" class – adapted for at-home participants.

Walking Wednesday (or ANY day!)
Stretch your legs and head outside for walking Wednesday. On a neighborhood walk, cross off the items you see from your bingo card!

Walking Wednesday
--> Download PDF of Walking Wednesday Flyer

Get off the couch for a stretching routine!

Beginners Level Stretching

Moderate Level Stretching

If you enjoyed these, find similar videos on YouTube with a stretching coach that’s perfect for you!


Bodyweight Home Exercises 

Bodyweight Exercises

--> Download PDF of Bodyweight Exercise Chart

Core Chart
--> Download PDF of Core Bodyweight Exercises

Body Weight at Home Workout Videos
Need some instruction for the body weight workouts? Check out these videos!

The Name Workout Challenge
Tired of the same old routine? Mix it up and do all the exercises below that make up your name! If you have a short first name, add your last name into the mix!

The Name Workout Challenge

Family Fun Home Workouts
This workout video is great for all ages. Get the whole family together and follow along! 


Home Sports Drills for Youth
For young athletes who may be stuck inside and/or away from their normal team activities, below are some baseball, basketball and soccer drills to keep them busy and their skills in practice.

Youth Baseball - Infielding Drill

Youth Basketball - Beginner Ball Handling 

Youth Basketball - Home Drills

Youth Basketball - Shooting Drills - No Hoop Required

Youth Soccer - Beginner Drills for ages 6 & Under

Youth Soccer - Drills for ages 12 & Under

Cape Coral Soccer Drills
Cape Coral Soccer Association is a great resource for all youth soccer skill levels.  Check out their YouTube channel for great drills from local coaches.

Family Virtual Zumba Classes

Children and/or the whole family can get their daily dose of exercise while dancing their hearts out in virtual Zumba classes! Instructed moves and slick beats make the program even more fun!

--> Check out the variety of sessions available on this P&R favorite:  

Tai Chi Light
This short exercise will provide energy via blood flow with help of massaging and tapping movements, while focusing on breathing. 

At Home Exercise Routine for Seniors

Indoor Chipping Drill with Coral Oaks' PGA Professional

Golfing Drill for "Keeping Loose" at Home with Coral Oaks' PGA Professional 


Discover Cape Bike Routes 
Mom and child on bicycleYou can only go around the same block so many times! Branch out and check out the more than 90 miles of bike routes Cape Coral has to offer. Remember to always wear a helmet and use a bike light or reflective gear for safety! 

--> See Cape Coral's Interactive Bicycle Map 

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