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Paying Your City of Cape Coral Water Bill

New Utility Billing System is Live and Open for Enrollment 

The City of Cape Coral is pleased to announce the transition to a new online billing and payment solution is complete and the system is now open for customer enrollment.
In addition to producing utility statements with a new look and feel, the system will improve efficiency, accessibility, and responsiveness to better meet the needs of Cape Coral’s utility customers.
Please note: ALL customers who were previously enrolled in electronic billing and/or automatic payments must sign up for these options in the new system. Paper bills will be mailed to customers who do not elect to receive electronic statements in the new system.

How to Pay Receive and/or Pay Your Utility Bill Online:

Sign into the new Tyler Munis online billing system - - which allows users to set up electronic billing, schedule automatic bank draft or credit card payments, and make one-time online payments. 

Registering in the new system is quick and easy:

  • Pull up a past utility statement to access your Customer ID and Account number as this information is required to enroll in the new system; You will also need the primary phone number that was used to set up the account originally.
  • Note: On the example of a previous utility statement shown below, the Customer ID is the number located to the left of the dash (999999) and the Account number is located to the right of the dash (111111).
  • If your account number is less than six digits, you will need to add leading zeros to pad the number to six digits. For instance, account number 1234 would need to be entered as 001234.
                                             Visual of old account number location

How to Register for Customer Self Service:

For more information on Customer Billing, visit