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How Does Cape Coral Compare to Other Florida Cities?
Cape Coral uses Munetrix® to compile data and provide transparency.  See how Cape Coral ranks in “per capita” expenditures based on the latest financial data filed with the Florida Department of Financial Services.


City of Cape Coral Property Taxes
: Property taxes levied by the City of Cape Coral that provide revenue for the general operations of the City.  This includes police, fire, public works, parks and recreation, etc.  Tax rate is set by the Cape Coral City Council.  

City of Cape Coral Solid Waste MSTU: Provides funding for the Lee County Waste-to-Energy Disposal facility.  Tax rate is set by Lee County’s Board of County Commissioners.
Non-City Property Tax: Taxes levied by other taxing units.  This includes Public Schools (State/Local), Lee County, South Florida Water Management District

City of Cape Coral Fire Service Assessment: The Fire Service Assessment provides a dedicated funding source for the provision of fire protection services and facilities. 
City of Cape Coral Solid Waste Assessment: The Solid Waste Assessment is the annual cost for solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection services in Cape Coral.  Cape Coral has one of the lowest rates in Southwest Florida.
City of Cape Coral Stormwater Annual: The Stormwater Annual Assessment provides funding for the City of Cape Coral’s stormwater management system, which includes swale maintenance, weir and culvert maintenance, catch basin and drainpipe maintenance, canal dredging and street sweeping.
Other Non Ad Valorem Assessments: Water/sewer/irrigation assessments (identified by the Utilities Extension Project Name such as Southwest 1, Southwest 2, Southeast 1, etc.) and Lot Mowing assessments for vacant properties.

City of Cape Coral Franchise Fees: Franchise fees are charged by a local government to a private company for the right to operate within the municipality under a franchise agreement.  In Cape Coral, this includes electric, gas, and solid waste collection.
City of Cape Coral Communications Services Tax: The Communications Services Tax is comprised of two parts: the Florida communications services tax and the local communications services tax. Communications services include telecommunications, video, direct-to-home satellite, and related services. This definition includes voice, data, audio, video, or any other information or signals transmitted by any medium. The total tax rate for the Florida portion is 7.44 percent, while the City of Cape Coral portion is 5.22 percent.
City of Cape Coral Public Service Tax: The public service tax is a tax levied by most Florida cities on the purchase of electricity, metered natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, manufactured gas, and water service.  In Cape Coral, only electric and gas are subject to the tax (7 percent).