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Public Works

Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division within the Public Works Department is responsible for the upkeep and improvements to all of the stormwater and transportation assets within the public right-of-way.  Approximately 120 employees comprise multiple crews involved with such tasks as tree trimming, trash-pick-up, Adopt-A-Road program, weed control, bridge maintenance, sidewalks, road signs, pavement striping, road shoulder maintenance, potholes, median mowing, swale grading, weir management, canal dredging, catch basins, storm pipes, vacuum truck services, and other ancillary duties. 

Select services are contracted out to private companies, which this division manages the contracts for.  These contracted services include improved median landscaping, street sweeping, limited canal dredging, and medium-sized pavement repair projects. 

All stormwater services are financed through the Stormwater Enterprise Fund, and transportation-related services are funded by the General Fund.  Sidewalk personnel and projects are funded primarily through grants from a variety of sources.  The Maintenance Division operates out of the City Annex located on Everest Parkway. Click below for more information on the following projects: