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Environmental Frequently Asked Questions

What's that big lizard on my seawall?  Can someone get rid of it?

Who do I call to report problems in my canal – trash, dead fish, oil slicks?

What causes a fish kill?

What causes algae blooms in the canals?

What is the green stuff floating on the top of the water in my canal in the summer?

Who do I call if I see a sick manatee?  Or if somebody's harassing a manatee?

Who do I call about a nuisance alligator?

A Burrowing Owl is sitting on my lawn, house, garage, etc. and doesn't move when approached. Is it injured?

What if someone is harassing a burrowing owl, or doing something to a burrowing owl nest?

Who do I call if I find an injured animal?

Can I feed wildlife on my property in Cape Coral?

There are a lot of weeds in my canal.  Who will get rid of them?

I want to help the environment.  What can I do?

When is my trash pick-up day? What about recycling? Where can I dispose of old paint, oil, or other hazardous waste?