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boat rampCape Coral's boat trailer parking program was established to help reduce an abundance of boat ramp traffic and provide funding for additional security and future ramp improvements to better service area boaters. This program requires boaters to pay a $15 daily fee to park their boat trailers at Cape Coral's improved boat ramp locations while they are out on the water.

Through a partnership with Passport, the leading provider of mobile payments in parking and transit, drivers are able to pay to park from their smartphone, tablet or computer using a modern “app” technology without having to go to the meter at all. Cape Coral’s improved boat ramp locations that utilize the Passport payment system include the BMX Boat RampBurnt Store Boat RampHorton Park Boat Ramp, and Rosen Park Boat Ramp.

The Passport Parking app is free to download from the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play. Boaters can also manage their parking through the Passport mobile web application, which is accessible from any device with an internet connection.

**PLEASE NOTE:  Effective May 1, 2019, the City of Cape Coral will be eliminating the "pay envelope" boxes at all boat ramps so all daily fees must be paid through the Passport app. 

If a boater does not have a smartphone, they can call (239) 424-9459 to register with Passport. When using the Passport Parking app, boaters are reminded to enter the tow vehicle license plate number and not the trailer plate number when entering payment information.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: When entering payment information, Passport will require that boaters enter the zone number of the boat ramp location where they will be parked. Please see the Boat Ramp zone numbers listed below

Boat Ramp Locations:   Zone #:  
BMX  1960
Burnt Store  1961
Horton Park  1958
Rosen Park  1959

When using the iPhone app or internet site to pay for boat trailer parking, please be sure to pay BEFORE launching your vessel. Cape Coral Park Rangers & Law Enforcement personnel patrol the five park locations daily and must issue violation tickets to any vehicles/trailers that do not pay the daily fee or have a current resident or commercial decal.

As another option to paying a $15 daily parking fee, Cape Coral residents may purchase an annual decal for only $75 (+ tax) allowing them to park their boat trailers as many times as they wish over the course of the year. There is also a provision for commercial Cape Coral businesses to purchase annual decals for $100 (+ tax) each. The provision applies to for-profit businesses, based in Cape Coral, which provide guide services, boat trips, construction, and other services on the water.

Annual parking decals are only available to Cape Coral residents and Cape Coral based businesses, and they are valid one year from the date of purchase. They may be purchased at the Parks & Recreation counter in City Hall (239-573-3128).

  • Drivers license and vehicle registration
  • Proof of Cape Coral residency (i.e. local utility bill) w/ corresponding name address on it.

For additional information about the Boat Trailer Parking Program or for boater assistance, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department (239) 573-3128.