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Special Event Permit Process

The City of Cape Coral requires that all organizers who wish to conduct a special event for more than 500 people apply for a special event permit. Each permit is reviewed by all pertinent departments within the city, and serves as a tool to assist the event organizer in producing a safe, well planned event. 

Event Insurance for events on city property is required. 
The Insurance Accord Form needs to have these specifics:
1) Name of the event
2) Location of the event 
3) Time and date of the event
4) Name the City of Cape Coral additional insured
Share these details with your insurance provider
Events Not on city property don't require event insurance, but it is recommended.

Event organizers may return their completed application to the Special Events Division during administrative office hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm) or e-mail the form as an attachment to If completed electronically, it is a good idea to save the form to your computer for future reference.

Upon receipt of a Special Event Permit Application, a staff member from the Special Events Division will contact the organizer and review the process, as well as additional items required (i.e. insurance). Very large and/or complex events may also require a meeting with the Special Events Committee prior to the event date to confirm logistics and other event arrangements.

These are all the forms that need to be completed if they apply to your event:

Download Special Event Permit Application
This is the application form for events that will have more then 500 participants in the venue. Fill out this form and present to the Special Events Division with $40 for processing.

Download a Tent PermitIf your event will have a tent larger then 10' by 10' then a tent permit is required. Fill out and return this form with your permit application.

Download Food & Cooking Notice
The Food & Cooking Notice is used for any event that involves cooking on the event location.  The completed form needs to be submitted with the entire permit package.  Please retain a copy for yourself to pass out to your food and/or cooking vendors to ensure the proper fire extinguishers are onsite.

Download Use of Private Property Authorization
The Private Property Authorization form must be used for any event on private property.  The form needs to be signed by the Property owner. The completed form needs to be submitted with the permit package.