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Whereas public safety is of the utmost importance, the City of Cape Coral utilizes the Earth Networks Lightning Alerting System with sound and strobe lights at 18 parks.  This is part of the first nationwide network to comprehensively detect total lightning - both in clouds, as well as cloud-to-ground. The system detects lightning up to ten miles away and alerts the public at specific locations using sound (horn) and strobe light.

To check on the status of the events for the evening, please call the rainout line.
Youth - 239-573-3135
Adult - 239-574-0595

Earth Networks_CMYK (002)The facilities listed below are equipped with the Earth Networks Lightning Alert System. When the system detects lightning within 10 miles of the facility, the air horns sound an uninterrupted 15-second blast and the strobe light will activate. Park patrons who hear the horn and/or see the light need to seek shelter immediately. When the system no longer detects a threat, three 5-second blasts from the horn will sound and the strobe light will stop working. This is the signal that it is safe to return outdoors. 

In the case of inclement weather, please reference the links (widgets) below to see if there is a lightning/weather delay at the particular park you are looking for.

--> View weather/lightning widgets for all parks (or click links below to see info for a single park)