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Geographic Information System (GIS)

The GIS Division of the Information Technology Services Department is responsible for the City’s Geographic Information System. This is a sophisticated mapping system that relates various elements of data regarding the City into "layers" on a map of Cape Coral. This includes complete information regarding property parcels, street centerline data, pedestrian sidewalks, canals, infrastructure, zoning, and future land use designations. 

Within the City of Cape Coral, we have implemented an enterprise-level ESRI ArcGIS system. Our GIS system promotes the use of a centric geodatabase which contains multiple layers of live data, including layers maintained by the City of Cape Coral along with layers acquired from Lee County GIS.  The core of our information resides in a replicated database environment in which our users have access to the live data.  Data layers that are maintained by our individual departments and GIS Editors at the City can be downloaded from our Open Data Portal . The City of Cape Coral has deployed approximately 60+ user installations of ArcGIS aiding our staff with daily tasks both in the office environment and our mobile crews as well.  This deployment method ensures that all users access the same centrally maintained data. 

Key features of the City of Cape Coral's GIS are available to the public by clicking on the links below: 

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