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Land Development Division

Land Development Division

The Land Development Division issues construction approvals and permits for all land development activities in the City except permitting for single-family homes and duplexes. These are building permits issued directly through the Building Division. The Land Development Division also provides review and approval of Preliminary Subdivision Plans (PSP) and Plats.  During construction, the Land Development Division staff assures compliance with the approved plans prior to issuing a certificate of completion.

All applications for Pre-Application Meetings, construction approvals, and permits are submitted online through the City’s Citizen Self Service website. 

Pre-Application Meetings:  Prior to the formal submission of an application, applicants are encouraged, though not required, to request an informal, nonbinding Pre-Application Meeting.  Scheduling a Pre-Application Meeting for PSP’s, SDP’s and SCP’s starts with an online application.  Refer to the Pre-Application Meetings tab for additional information

A Pre-Application meeting is required for Planned Unit Development (PUD) applications.   Contact the Planning Division directly to schedule the mandatory Pre-Application Meeting for PUD applications. 

Other Development Permits:  The Land Development Division issues permits for various land development activities, refer to the Other Development Permits tab for additional information.

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