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Mobile Food Vendors

At the Cape Coral City Council Meeting on January 25, 2023, Council approved Ordinance 89-22, which stipulates all Mobile Food Vendors in Cape Coral be treated alike (except ice cream trucks) and requires food trucks to stay mobile. The Ordinance officially takes effect on April 25, 2023.

The goal is to establish basic health and safety regulations. Before adopting this ordinance, there were no operational standards in place for food trucks in Cape Coral.

As referenced in the ordinance, “staying mobile” means: 

  • Food trucks are not allowed to park at job sites overnight.
  • Seating areas are not allowed. This is to eliminate "food truck-based outdoor restaurants.”
  • Certain elements, such as signs and water/sewer hookups, are not permitted.

The ordinance exempts food trucks that are participating in a special event or operating in a declared state of emergency.

Cape Coral's ordinance was drafted to mirror Lee County Ordinance 22-01, which took effect in January 2022, using definitions and code requirements adapted from the County’s Code.

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