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City Planning Division

City Planning Division

The City Planning Division is involved with a wide range of activities ranging from processing applications for development projects to conducting complex policy and research studies for the City. A central responsibility of the Planning Division is to implement the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Use and Development Regulations.  Planning as a whole is important for the City and you're invited to read the following article published by the American Planning Association that answer's the question, "what is the value of planning?"  

The Planning Division is comprised of three sections which include Current Planning, which focuses on new development in the City and zoning; and Comprehensive Planning, which deals with the long-term goals, objectives, and programs of the City and Housing and Grants, which deals with the administration of State and Federal grants. Click HERE for more information.

The Planning Division staff is made up of professional city planners, environmental planners, and customer support staff, whose day-to-day activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assisting people with questions about planning, development, and zoning at the public counter and on the phone;
  • Maintaining and updating the Comprehensive Plan, as necessary;
  • Processing sign permits and issuance of Certificates of Use; and
  • Implementing the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System.
Please use the left navigation panel to find out more about what we do, download information, review upcoming public hearing information, and more, or contact the Planning Division at 239-574-0553.

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