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Utilities Extension Project

Assessment Costs

North 2 Assessment

•Land area method (Equivalent Parcel = EP)  for construction of water and irrigation distribution lines and wastewater collection lines. Scalable based on 10,000 sq. ft. parcel area.

Water and Irrigation Distribution and Wastewater Collection

Land Area Assessment
Per 1 EP = 10,000 SF

Water           $ 3,021.00
Sewer          $  7,457.00
Irrigation     $  2,154.00
TOTAL           $12,632.00

•Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) method for Capital Facility Expansion Charge (CFEC). Fixed at 1 ERU per parcel with a 5/8” meter.

Capital Facility Expansion Charge

System Demands Units Per 1 ERU
(5/8" meter - receiving all three utilities)

Water          $1,320.00
Sewer          $3,112.00
Irrigation     $2,318.00
TOTAL          $6,750.00