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Water Reclamation Division

Water Reclamation BldgUtilities Water Reclamation is responsible for processing wastewater so that after treatment it meets and/or exceeds all standards and different permit requirements as established by the EPA and the FDEP for river discharge, deep injection, and/or reuse water for the City’s irrigation system. The Division operates and maintains the 13.4 MGD Everest Water Reclamation Facility; the 15.1 MGD Southwest Water Reclamation Facility, 277 wastewater pump lift stations throughout the City, and 5 freshwater canal pump stations to supplement the irrigation system.

Lift Station Emergency
(Red Light Flashing)
Call: 239-574-0884 

High Service Canal Pump StationThe Water Independence for Cape Coral program was started in the late ’80s and was designed to reduce the impact irrigation has on the Mid Hawthorne Aquifer, one of the City of Cape Coral’s main sources of drinking water supply. The City of Cape Coral has been recognized as having one of the largest municipal residential irrigation demands in the country with a daily average of 26.54 million gallons per day according to the Annual Reuse Report for the fiscal year 2013. 

The City’s irrigation is supplied by treated wastewater from the City’s two wastewater facilities and supplemented by freshwater canal water pumped from the City’s five freshwater canal pumping stations. 

Cape Coral’s freshwater canal system is comprised of 300 miles of freshwater canals that provide storage through an extensive system of weirs and pumping stations.  The 25 weirs are strategically located in the canal network and five canal interconnections provide the ability to store water during the rainy season for dry season use.  The freshwater canal system also provides management of excess stormwater flows, which protect the sensitive estuary environment and provide flood control.