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Water Production Division

Utilities Water Production is responsible for producing water that meets or exceeds all Safe Drinking Water Act standards and permit requirements as established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

North CapeThis Division is currently responsible for operating and maintaining the recently expanded 18.0 MGD Southwest Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Plant, 33 raw water wells, and two off-site storage tanks with re-pump facilities, the new 12 MGD North Cape Coral RO Water Treatment Plant and 22 associated raw water wells.

Drinking Water Issue:
(Water Pressure, Odor, Taste, Color)
Call: 239-242-3410

RO Production TrainsThe Reverse Osmosis (RO) Production Trains are the four dark blue sections in the photo above.  Upon entry to the process area, the raw water is injected with sulfuric acid to lower the pH, and a scale inhibitor to prevent scaling of the RO membrane elements. The addition of these two chemicals is the beginning of the pretreatment process. The final stage of the pretreatment process is passing the water through a series of cartridge filters (two shiny polished filter housings). They work similar to a pool filter, removing sand, silt, etc.

Once through the filters, the pretreatment process is complete and the raw water becomes “feed water.”  The feed water is pumped with high pressure pumps into the Trains for primary treatment. When the feed water travels across the membrane elements, it is separated into usable (product) and non-usable (concentrate) water.  Pretreatment keeps dissolved solids in liquid form during this separation.

The useable (product) water travels to the clearwell for post-treatment prior to being distributed to the City.  Approximately 80% of the feed water entering the Production Train is recovered as useable product water. The amount of concentrate water removed in the RO process is approximately 20% of the feed water entering the Production Train.  The non useable (concentrate) water is discharged from the system by way of a pipeline to a deep injection well.