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Collection Distribution Division

UCD EquipmentThe Utilities Collection Distribution Division is divided into three sections: water, sewer, and irrigation.

This division is responsible for operating and maintaining over 2400 miles of water, sewer, and irrigation piping in conformance to regulatory standards, along with appurtenances such as services, meters, valves, fire hydrants, and manholes which are spread throughout the City.

Irrigation Filter Ownership/Maintenance Agreement Form 

Utilities Collection Distribution repairs service leaks and major line breaks, including restoration, and performs new meter installation and meter change-outs, existing and new line inspections, and utility locates. See resident and contractor fees below.

To report a water leak/break:
7:00 am to 3:00 pm
Call: (239) 574-0851

After-Hour Emergency Repairs
After 3:00 pm, weekends, & holidays
Call: (239) 242-3400 

Resident Fees
Contractor Fees
 contractor fees-rev2