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Environmental Resources

Environmental Resources

The Environmental Resources section of the Public Works Department helps the City of Cape Coral manage its wealth of natural resources. Team members are involved in canal water quality monitoring through staff-sampled locations, the Canalwatch Volunteer Program, and the Nile Monitor Lizard Control Program.

Another important arm of Environmental Resources is public education via guest presentations for local clubs, school groups, and the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program. Staff also provides scientific and technical support for the City's environmental regulatory activities.  

The environmental health and appearance of Cape Coral’s canals are dependent on the quality of the water that drains from the landscape.  Water Quality can be improved by implementing environmentally friendly landscaping and maintenance techniques. Nine basic principles are highlighted in the Florida-Friendly Landscaping section that, if implemented correctly, are designed to reduce the adverse impacts on water quality. 

A City-wide Fertilizer Ordinance is in effect from June 1-September 30 to help protect Cape Coral's waterways. Residents need to understand that what they do in their yards impacts the appearance of the water around them and that we can protect stormwater by limiting nutrients at home.

Explore the topics below and call Environmental Resources at (239) 574-0785 for additional information or to request a guest speaker for your group.

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