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Customer Billing Services

Utility Application

Opening a New Account

To open a new account, the following information is required:
 Legal name, street address where the water and sewer service is to be provided, mailing address, ID such as a Driver’s License, State ID Card, or passport, and signature. All OWNERS must provide a signed HUD settlement statement and all TENANTS must provide a current signed LEASE.

An application can be mailed or emailed to you if requested. Applications need to be complete and can be mailed in or processed at Customer Billing Services.

The City will need to have you specify whether you are a tenant or an owner and the date the service is to start. Proper identification is required to be presented along with a signature on the application before service can be started. Customer Billing Services requires a two-day notice in advance if the application is returned by mail.

All unpaid owner balances for water, wastewater and irrigation water constitute a lien on the owner's real property pursuant to Florida Statute 153.67 and 159.17. Chapter 19, Section 19-5.2 in the City's Code of Ordinances also outlines that unpaid owner balances may be transferred to the new owner's account 30 days after the new owner's service start date.

Deposit Information

A deposit shall be required of all new customers who establish a water and sewer account. Deposits shall be paid to the City of Cape Coral by cash, check, money order, or credit card. Provisions have been made to refund deposits after two years (24 months) with satisfactory account history.

Customers who have had a previous account with the City and who are applying for new service will need to satisfy any outstanding balance owed to the City on any previous account(s) prior to receiving service at a new address.

Deposits for accounts must be paid within 20 days of establishing the account.