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Private Provider Process

Florida Statutes define Private Provider under 553.791 Alternative plans review and inspection:

(i) “Private provider” means a person licensed as a building code administrator under part XII of chapter 468, as an engineer under chapter 471, or as an architect under chapter 481. For purposes of performing inspections under this section for additions and alterations that are limited to 1,000 square feet or less to residential buildings, the term “private provider” also includes a person who holds a standard certificate under part XII of Chapter 468.

Florida Statute 553.791(15)(b) authorizes the local government to adopt a system of registration: All required document forms, provided in the document below, shall be used. No substitutions will be accepted, with the exception of the following, which may be provided on company letterhead:

  1. Resumes of Private Provider and Duly Authorized Representative(s)

Private Provider Registration
The City of Cape Coral requires Private Providers to complete a one-time Registration with Permitting and Contractor Licensing before commencing work. Private Provider is responsible for keeping registration records current.

  • Registration can be submitted by email to or in person at 1015 Cultural Park Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33990. The packet will be reviewed by the Chief Plans Examiner/Chief Inspector and if approved, will be forwarded to licensing for entry into the permitting
  • Please do not resubmit Registration documents with Project Submittal Packets.

Registration Requirements:

  1. Private Provider Registration form
  2. Private Provider Resume and copies of all Florida DBPR licenses under S. 471 as a Professional Engineer, F.S. 481 as an Architect, or F.S.468 as a Standard Building Code Administrator and Standard Inspector for inspections only on residential additions or alterations (of 1000 square feet or less), F.S. 553.791(i).
  3. All Duly Authorized Representatives’ Resumes & Employment Affidavits, signed & notarized. Also, copies of all Florida DBPR licenses of Standard Plan Examiners & Standard Inspectors that are performing inspections or plan review as authorized
  4. Private Provider’s Certificate of Insurance for general liability & professional insurance meeting State of Florida requirements listed as the certificate holder, including 5 years of tail coverage for claims made on policies, per S. 553.791(16).
  5. Workers Compensation Insurance and/or a copy of Workers Compensation Exemption filed with the State. NOTE: Qualifier(s)/License Holder(s) are required to be listed on the policy as “Included” or “Excluded”.
  6. Copy of Driver's License for Private Provider and Duly Authorized Employees.

Project Submittal Packet

Documents required with building permit application submittal:

  1. Notice to Building Official, signed, sealed & notarized (4 pages).
  2. Private Provider List of Inspections, for all trades, unless the private provider is only performing building inspections for the (See lists, 3 pages). If the private provider is performing inspections only, they may use the City of Cape Coral's permit card to document inspections. The Private Provider shall affix an identifying notice to the permit card to establish the private provider and their contact information.
  3. Private Provider Plan Compliance Affidavit, signed and notarized unless the private provider is only performing building inspections for the project.
  4. Contractor must submit signed and sealed plans when required by the Florida Building Code, and all required copies (sets) required per City of Cape Coral website for the type of construction or project being built.

Documents Required During Inspections:

  1. Private Provider Inspection Notifications must be filled out completely and submitted by email to the day prior to the inspection.
  2. Private Provider Inspection Reports must be filled out completely and signed by the private provider or duly authorized representative to be accepted by the city of Cape Coral Building At the completion of each inspection, the private provider shall email the inspection result to within 2 business days. Including permit number(s) in the subject line of the email. The body of the email is to include the following:

Permit #:
Inspector Name and Date Completed:

Documents required after all inspections and before Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Completion to be submitted to the city by the contractor to

  1. Private Provider Certificate of Compliance (request for certificate of occupancy) must be filled out completely, signed and sealed by the engineer or architect, or signed and notarized if the private provider is a building code administrator.
  2. Final Report Card showing all the inspections done by the private provider company. To include the following:
    1. Inspection Type/Name
    2. Request Date
    3. Date Inspected
    4. Result
    5. Inspector
  3. All other required documents for the permit to be completed and closed, including but not limited to Pest Certificate, Final Compaction Report(s), Blower Door Test, and Affidavit.
  4. CO/CC Request Form must be filled out completely in order to process the certificate of occupancy/certificate of completion by the City of Cape Coral.

Required Documents are Available Via the Following Links
The following documents are required to be completed prior to the issuance of any permits: