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Utilities Extension Project

Southwest 6&7

Cape Coral Southwest 6 & 7
Utilities Extension Project

The Southwest 6 & 7 extension project was approved by City Council in February 2012 and will provide water, sewer and irrigation services to properties in this area. In addition, property owners will receive new roads and drainage improvements as part of the project. When Southwest 6 & 7 is completed, all  of the area south of Pine Island Road will have City utilities. In addition to Southwest 6 & 7, City Council also approved two areas identified as North 1 and North 2, which will follow the work in Southwest 6 & 7.

The City utility lines will provide a potable water line connection at the property line, and the homeowner will be required to connect to the service. The wastewater lines (or sanitary sewer) will collect the wastewater generated by the homeowner through a gravity line. The gravity line will carry the wastewater to a local pumping station for discharge and treatment at one of the City’s wastewater reclamation facilities.

The irrigation water lines take treated wastewater from the City’s wastewater treatment plants and deliver the water to customers for watering lawns. This reuse water is supplemented by canal water as necessary to meet customer demands. As a note, Cape Coral is a leader in water conservation through our reuse technology.


Southwest 6 & 7 to Improve Utility and Road Infrastructure

The Southwest 6 & 7 utilities project brings potable water, sewer and irrigation services to properties in a 4-square-mile area in a section of Southwest Cape Coral. This area also will receive new roads and drainage improvements. The conventional gravity collection system is located in the roadways, so new roads are part of the project. The Southwest 6 & 7 project will increase Cape Coral’s utility and road infrastructure and help keep pace with the demands of a growing city.

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Location of Southwest 6 & 7

 • Southwest 6 & 7 is located immediately south of Pine Island Road, generally bounded by SW 6th Avenue, Skyline Boulevard, Gleason Parkway, Surfside Boulevard and Pine Island Road, as depicted in the map.

Southwest 6 & 7 consists of 6,128 properties, and as of January 2013, 54 percent of the properties were developed.

• The project is divided into 12 project areas and seven construction contracts. Each has been permitted through the Lee County Department of Health for potable water and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for wastewater and reclaimed water.


Cape Coral's Major Public Utilities Projects

Southwest 6 & 7 is a critical area to receive water, sewer and irrigation services as well as new roads and drainage improvements. Other major projects completed in the past few years include the construction of the North Cape Water Plant, expansion of Everest Water Reclamation Facility and Southwest Water Reclamation Facility. In addition, water production capabilities were increased at the Southwest Reverse Osmosis Plant. Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions pages, located at the top navigation bar of every page, for more information.


Did You Know?

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Cape Coral began as a low-density, rural community with septic tanks and shallow groundwater wells providing the water and wastewater needs of residents. Today, these shallow wells are stressing the upper aquifer, and the flow of septic tank effluent into the groundwater and into canals has the potential to cause environmental problems.