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Protected Species

Protected Species Safety Measures

Gopher Tortoise_Burrow

The City of Cape Coral is home to several protected species including the Burrowing Owl, Gopher Tortoise and the Eastern Indigo Snake. Please know that the Utilities Extension Project staff and contractors are committed to protecting these species and remain sensitive to the environment.


Crews are fully trained in species identification and  take the necessary steps to minimize impacts to their habitat. Some of the steps taken to date include:


  • Burrows within the construction limits have been identified and marked by volunteers from the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife.
  • Species’ habitats will be monitored during construction by Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife.

Marked Owl Burrow

  • Contractors are required to inspect the project areas on a continuing basis for species occupancy.
  • All staging areas must be free of species’ habitat and approved prior to construction activity.
  • On-site visits to observe burrowing owls and gopher tortoise burrows are conducted routinely.
  • Protected species posters and pamphlets are distributed to construction crews and are posted in all of the contractors’ construction trailers.