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Utilities Extension Project

North 1 Utilities Extension Project

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UEP-N1-Contracts Updated 11-30-2022

North 1 UEP is in the northeast quadrant of the City and will complete the extension of water, sewer and irrigation services to the three areas (Southwest 6/7, North 2, and North 1) that were approved by City Council in 2012.

City Staff presented a North 1 UEP Project Update to City Council on October 13, 2021. Due to past concerns that the UEP areas are too large, City Council approved a split of the North 1 UEP into West of Del Prado and East of Del Prado per the attached plan.  The North 1 West area is currently out to bid while the North 1 East area is currently at 70% design. 

The North 1 West and East areas includes 14 new Lift Stations, 2 existing Lift Stations which will require upgrades, two Master Pump Stations, two Irrigation Storage Tanks, replacement of existing storm drain pipes, replacement of existing catch basins, and newly paved roads. Currently, the design anticipates multiple contracts for the Utilities, 1 contract for each of the two Master Pump Stations, and 1 contract for the two 5 MG Irrigation Tanks w/Booster Pump Station (Storage Tanks).

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The agreement for Professional Engineering and Design Services for the North 1 Utilities Extension Project (UEP) was approved by City Council on August 10, 2020. The City currently anticipates the start of construction around the early 2023.

The proposed project work area is approximately 4.3 square miles with approximately 3,000 improved parcels and approximately 5,400 unimproved parcels. The project area is located in the northeast quadrant of the City of Cape Coral and is generally bounded on the west by Santa Barbara Boulevard and Andalusia Boulevard, on the south by Hermosa Canal, Arrowhead Lake, Fairmont Canal, Balmoral Canal, Lake Zurich, Zurich Canal, and Banjo Canal, in the east by Northeast 24th Avenue, Diplomat Parkway and Corbett Road and on the North by Northeast 28th Street.

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