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Finance Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot afford to pay my utilities assessments?

Can I pay off an assessment?

Is the cost of driveway replacement included in the assessment?

What is the cost of having a septic tank pumped and demolished?

Why doesn't the City defer the line extension and CFEC assessments for undeveloped parcels?

If a property owner pays for the irrigation assessment but elects to continue to use their well for irrigation, will that property owner be billed monthly?

If I sell the property and have not prepaid, do I have to pay the assessment?

Do I have to choose the same payment option for each assessment?

What is the City's methodology for assessing property owners for the extension of water, sewer and irrigation mains?

If I participate in the Amortized Payment Option, can the annual installment be escrowed with my home mortgage payment?

Is there a discount for disabled veterans or senior citizens?

Do we have to connect to the new lines after they are installed?

What if I cannot afford to pay the plumber's connection?