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Utilities Extension Project

November 2019 Update

Progress - Through the end of September 2019, North 2 Utilities Extension Project (UEP) utility contractors have constructed two new wastewater master pump stations, 12 new wastewater lift stations, almost 1.5 million linear feet (LF) of potable water, gravity sewer, irrigation water, and wastewater force main piping, replaced over 79,000 LF of storm drain piping, and installed 1,438 storm drainage inlets, 1,354 sewer manholes and 624 fire hydrants. This equates to approximately 95 percent completion of the underground utilities. In addition, approximately 146 lane-miles of streets have been repaved with the first 1-inch thick lift of asphalt, which equates to about 80% of the total project. Driveway reconstruction and swale restoration activities are also continuing following the completion of the first lift of paving.

The City is working with each contractor to develop a list of incomplete items (or “punchlist”) for a given area that must be completed by the contractors before the City agrees to final completion for that area. All unresolved items that have been reported to the UEP public information office (833-CAPEUEP) are automatically added to the “punchlist”. The “punchlist” typically includes restoration work such as mailbox repair or replacement, sprinkler repair, and driveway damage. If you have such an item that has not been reported, you can have it added to the “punchlist” by contacting the number listed above.

Notice of Availability – When the City deems a given area to be substantially complete (i.e., water, sewer and irrigation utilities are cleared for service and first lift of roadway pavement is completed), the City will mail a Notice of Availability (NOA) to all owners of developed property within the given area. Owners of developed properties will have 180 days after receipt of the NOA to connect to City water, sewer and/or irrigation, as appropriate. The NOA provides directions on how to apply for an account with the City, how to obtain required permits and approvals, as well as additional pertinent information regarding water, sewer and irrigation connection and service. In addition, owners of undeveloped properties will receive a postcard notifying them that water, sewer and/or irrigation service is now available at their property.