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Utilities Extension Project

June 2020 Update

Progress – Portions of the North 2 Utilities Extension Project (UEP) are now substantially complete, meaning that all underground utilities and the first lift of pavement on approximately 100 miles of roads within the project area are completed. Contractors are now focusing on final testing, restoration and/or completion of remaining punchlist items. In Contract 2, reconstruction of the westbound lanes of Ceitus Parkway from Old Burnt Store Road to Burnt Store Road is in progress with paving anticipated in mid-July. In Contract 3, reconstruction of the eastbound lanes of Ceitus Parkway is in progress with paving anticipated in late June. Schedules are subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Notice of Availability (NOA) – The City provides written communication to all property owners at the time services become available via a Notice of Availability. A list of all North 2 service areas, including those that have received NOA, can be found here. The City is working diligently with the construction team to complete the required steps to issue the NOA for remaining areas in North 2. The NOA provides information to property owners on how to apply for an account with the City, how to obtain required permits and approvals, as well as additional pertinent information regarding City water, sewer and irrigation connection and service. Owners of undeveloped properties will receive a postcard notifying them that water, sewer and/or irrigation service is now available at their property. Owners of developed properties will have 180 days after receipt of the NOA to connect to City water, sewer and/or irrigation, as appropriate.

Wet Season – Wet season officially begins on June 1. During the wet season, construction activities may be interrupted by rainy weather conditions. In addition, swales are often saturated and pond water due to heavy rainfall events. If you should notice significant ponding on the pavement or have concerns related to drainage or wet road conditions in your neighborhood that may be related to UEP construction activities, please contact the UEP at 833-CAPEUEP (833-227-3837). Also, follow these safety tips when driving through standing water:

  • Try to avoid standing water if you can.
  • Don't drive into flood water that’s moving or more than 4 inches deep.
  • Let approaching cars pass first.
  • Drive slowly and steadily so you don’t make a wave.
  • Test your brakes as soon as you can afterwards.