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Utilities Extension Project

February 2020 Update

Progress - North 2 Utilities Extension Project (UEP) contractors are nearing substantial completion of the project, which includes all underground utilities and the first lift of pavement on approximately 100 miles of roads within the project area. Work completed includes construction of two new wastewater master pump stations, 12 new wastewater lift stations, over 1.5 million linear feet (LF) of potable water, gravity sewer, irrigation water, and wastewater force main piping, 91,000 LF of fiber optic conduit, 88,000 LF of storm drain piping replacement, and over 1,500 storm drainage inlets, 1,350 sewer manholes and 650 fire hydrants. In addition, approximately 99% of the roads impacted by the project have been repaved with the first lift of asphalt.

Notice of Availability – When the City deems a given area to be completed (i.e., water, sewer and irrigation utilities are cleared for service and the first lift of roadway pavement is completed), the City will mail a Notice of Availability (NOA) to all owners of developed property within the given area. The first area to receive their NOA letter is in Contract 7, Lift Station Service Area (LSSA) 603. LSSA 603 NOA letters were mailed on 2/18/2020. Also, information on areas that have received NOA letters can be found here. Owners of developed properties will have 180 days after receipt of the NOA to connect to City water, sewer and/or irrigation, as appropriate. The NOA provides information to property owners on how to apply for an account with the City, how to obtain required permits and approvals, as well as additional pertinent information regarding City water, sewer and irrigation connection and service. Owners of undeveloped properties will receive a postcard notifying them that water, sewer and/or irrigation service is now available at their property.

Species Management and Protection-Due to the presence of protected species in the North 2 UEP area, the City utilized an environmental consultant to obtain required permits and facilitate management and protection of burrowing owls, gopher tortoises and bald eagles. The team installed protective barriers and complied with local, state and federal management guidelines or applicable permit conditions. The environmental consultant has excavated 66 potentially occupied gopher tortoise burrows and 14 inactive burrowing owl burrows that were in the path of construction activities. The 66 gopher tortoise burrows were home to 39 tortoises, which were recovered and safely relocated to an offsite gopher tortoise conservation bank. The 14 excavated burrowing owl burrows were scoped with a camera and hand dug to confirm they were inactive before being taken.  In addition, the City will be providing starter burrows on City lands for burrowing owls to utilize. All three bald eagle nests within or near the North 2 area (i.e. Seven Islands nest, Stonewater nest, and Nott Road nest) have had successful nesting seasons while the project has been on-going the last three years.  These nests have fledged 7 juvenile eagles since the 2017/2018 nesting season and this total will only grow when this season’s (2019/2020) crop takes to the air in March or April.