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Utilities Extension Project

February 2019 Update

February 2019 Update

Through the end of 2018, North 2 UEP utility contractors have installed over 900,000 linear feet (LF) of potable water, gravity sewer, irrigation water, and wastewater force main and replaced approximately 30,000 LF of storm drain piping. This equates to almost 60% of the total project completed.

A welcome sight for residents is the repaving of the streets following installation of utilities. Through the end of 2018. approximately 37 lane-miles of streets have been repaved with the first 1-inch thick lift of asphalt, which equates to about 20% of the total project. Paving of the first lift is being followed by driveway and swale restoration activities.

Upcoming Activities - Once construction is completed in a specific service area, letters of availability will be mailed to owners of developed properties. Upon receipt of a letter of availability, property owners will have 180 days to connect to the water, sewer and irrigation systems. However, property owners that have an existing domestic well may opt to utilize their well for irrigation purposes instead of connecting to the City’s irrigation system. After the 180-day “plumbing connection” period expires, the City will add a second 1-inch thick lift of asphalt to complete the project and provide a lasting road surface for residents.

Traffic Conditions - Several major roads, including portions of Ceitus Parkway, Old Burnt Store Road, Embers Parkway, Chiquita Boulevard, El Dorado Boulevard, Nelson Road, Santa Barbara Boulevard and Tropicana Parkway, continue to be partially or fully closed due to construction activities. Specific information on the extent of the closures is provided on the North 2 UEP Traffic Advisory Page. Residents are asked to exercise caution while driving though construction areas.