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December 2018 Update

December 2018 Update

Hurricane season concluded on November 30 and Southwest Florida has entered the dry season. One of the required activities during dry season for the UEP contractors is to address dust control. This is an arduous task due to the number of roadways that are under construction as well as the earthen materials that are staged for trench backfill and road building. All contractors are required to have water trucks and street sweeping equipment necessary to address dust control and street maintenance.

As of the end of October, approximately 229,797 linear feet (LF) of potable water, 197,072 LF of gravity sewer, 262,574 LF of irrigation water, 50,723 LF of transmission force main and 22,022 LF of storm drain piping has been installed. In addition, a total of approximately 12.6 miles of 2-lane streets and 1.2 miles of 4-lane street have been repaved. Approximately 8,344 square yards (SY) of driveways have been reconstructed and 40,785 linear feet of swales have been restored.

Several major roads, including portions of Ceitus Parkway, Old Burnt Store Road, Embers Parkway, Chiquita Boulevard, El Dorado Boulevard, Nelson Road, Santa Barbara Boulevard and Tropicana Parkway, continue to be under major construction and are either closed to through traffic or have reduced number of lanes due to construction activities. Specific information on the extent of the closures is provided on the North 2 Traffic Advisory Page. Please continue to exercise caution while driving though construction areas.