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Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Where will work take place?

Why are there construction supplies stored on vacant property?

How will construction work be accomplished?

What is the construction process?

How will I be notified of construction activities?

When will construction start in my neighborhood?

Will there be road closures and detours?

Will I be able to get in and out of my driveway during construction?

Will construction affect garbage pickup and mail delivery?

Will school bus stop locations change?

When will the contractor work?

Will work be noisy?

What will happen to the landscaping and specialty mailboxes in front of houses?

How much of my driveway and lawn will be disrupted?

When the contractor tears up your driveway, how do they fill it in to match?

What safety precautions should we take?

How do I know if my street is closed?

What is the process and timeline for street paving after utilities are installed?

Will my property be restored once construction is complete?

I am building a new house in the next Utilities Extension Area. Do I have to install a well and septic tank system if City utilities are coming?

What is the process for abandonment of the septic tank?

Does the person who demolishes the septic tanks need to be a licensed plumber?

Do I retain my well equipment like the holding tank?

Who is responsible for damage to vehicles such as rocks, etc. incurred from construction equipment used by contractors?

Will construction affect trash pickup and mail delivery?

Who do I call if I have questions or concerns during construction?