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Threading the Needle

Threading The Needle

Threading the Needle Cover Image

The Green Thread that weaves throughout the Threading the Needle concept is the lifeblood of Bimini Basin. It pumps through every space providing shade, clean oxygen and water features.  These water features collect and filter the abundant Florida rainfall, as well as adding peaceful sounds and opportunities for play.  Even though Cape Coral is already encompassed with water, these water features begin to activate the public relationship with the water. The walkability of the Green Thread also cuts down on automobile dependency reducing noise and air pollution, all while providing a healthier, happier lifestyle.  Aside from the outdoor realm, an arrangement of retail, residential, mixed use, and entertainment, such as museums and theaters, lend to a wide range of possibilities for growth that essentially become a sophisticated live, work, play environment.

The overall concept and six major attributes contained in Threading the Needle are listed in the column to the right.  Click on the individual files to review the concept and attributes.

Concept and Attributes

Overall Concept

Key Attributes

The Art Walk

The Green Thread (Linear Park)

Transit Hub

Two-Tiered Boardwalk

Urban Swings

Weaving Water (Public Water Features)

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