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Bridging the Gap

Bridging The Gap

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Following feedback from the charrette process, this USF team created the Bridging the Gap concept.  This concept incorporates the public’s desire for a town center, a geographic identity, connectivity, contemporary buildings, a larger job market as well as spaces for business, a means to stimulate a young, professional community, and place dedicated to recreation and an active lifestyle. 

The Bridging the Gap concept establishes a major hub at the Bimini Basin and includes a business district, cultural district, live-work opportunities, multiple high-density residential district, and an entertainment district with bridges and boardwalks.

The overall concept and six major attributes contained in Bridging the Gap are listed in the column to the right.  Click on the individual files to review the concept and attributes.    

Concept and Attributes

Overall Concept*

Bridging the Gap

Key Attributes*

Aquarium & Research Center

Bimini Edge


Gap App

Rubi_Cove Marina + Cultural Center

The Patio & Anchor (Entertainment Hub)

*Text size and poor resolution may present challenge when reading this concept and viewing the attributes.

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