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SUN Trail Project Information


 Daytime Road Closure/Detour Planned at El Dorado Boulevard North:
Monday, October 18 through  Friday, October 29, 2021



For daytime motorists traveling north on El Dorado Boulevard North, follow detour signs around the block from NW 21st Street to NW 24th Avenue to NW 23rd Terrace to NW 21st Place. There will be no evening closures or detours.

Olivia Smith, Project Communications Manager

Phone: (239) 207-3760

Project Timeline

Construction Phase I: Work Started on May 17, 2021; Anticipated Completion – Winter 2022
Construction Phase II: Anticipated Start – FY 2025 

Project Status

The lead design firm, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB), submitted final design plans in early 2019. Construction of Phase I began in May 2021. Phase I construction (3.5 miles of trail) is anticipated to last about 18 months. Phase II construction will likely begin in 2025.

         Phase I Construction Schedule 

  • Van Buren Parkway
    • Completed in Summer 2021: Cleared the existing right of way, installed silt fences and erosion control measures, removed driveways, installed new storm drainage, and removed existing storm drainage.
    • Upcoming in Fall 2021: Construction and paving of the trail and street curbing.
  • El Dorado Boulevard
    • Completed in Summer 2021: Installed silt fences and erosion control measures
    • Upcoming in Fall 2021: Existing Right of Way will be cleared. Driveways will be removed. New storm drainage will be constructed, and existing storm drainage will be removed.
  • Kismet Parkway: Activities on Kismet Parkway will be focused between El Dorado Boulevard and Chiquita Boulevard.
    • Completed in Summer 2021: Cleared the median for widening, installed silt fences and erosion control measures, widened the road, shifted traffic and installed guardrail.
    • Upcoming in Fall 2021: Driveways will be removed. New storm drainage will be constructed, and existing storm drainage will be removed.

Construction Phase 1 Open House was held on May 12, 2021. 
Open House Presentation Link:      (link) SUN Trail Phase I_Open House Presentation_Video.mp4

What is the SUN Trail?

The Florida SUN (Shared-Use Nonmotorized) Trail is a statewide system of paved trail corridors for bicyclists and pedestrians.
SUN  Trail projects increase the reliability of Florida’s transportation system.

The Cape Coral SUN Trail

In 2017 the City of Cape Coral received a $1.8 million grant from the Florida Department of Transportation to design and engineer a SUN Trail segment along Kismet Parkway. The segment will run from Del Prado Boulevard to El Dorado Boulevard, connecting with Van Buren Parkway and the Burnt Store Trail. The total project length is approximately 6.5 miles. Construction of the project will be broken into two phases.

What will the Cape Coral SUN Trail look like?

The project will create a pedestrian and bicyclist connector between the Kismet Parkway sidewalks and the Burnt Store Trail.

Florida Shared Use Non-Motorized

The trail will be 12 feet wide with at least two feet of clear zone on either side.
The trail will fall entirely within the City-owned Right of Way.

Proposed Typical Section

Road Picture

What construction impacts should residents anticipate?

Although the Cape Coral SUN Trail will be constructed within City-owned Right of Way, movement and staging of construction equipment may require entry onto privately-owned property. All affected property owners have been asked to submit a Right of Entry agreement to the City.

Traffic lane closures may also be required during construction; at least one lane will remain open for traffic at all times.  

Who can I contact with my questions?
Project Manager: Pimolmas Tan, PE, City of Cape Coral
Project Communications Manager: Olivia Smith, Quest Corporation of America, Inc.
Phone: 239-207-3760